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Yellow White-eye
Zosterops luteus
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Click to listen to sound sample Yellow White-eyes are probably the most common birds that occur in mangroves in northern Australia. They range all around the coast from Shark Bay in W.A. to Cape York in Qld and on the east coast south to near Bowen at the mouth of the Burdekin River. They are not restricted to mangroves but do move into other habitats at times in search of food and also away from the coast along some river margins.

Photo: 576201

576201 ... Yellow White-eye, Derby Western Australia.

Photo: 576202

576202 ... Yellow White-eye, Carnarvon, Western Australia.

Photo: 576203

576203 ... Yellow White-eye, Carnarvon, W.A. They vary a lot in colour and almost pure grey birds occur around Port Hedland.

Photo: 576204-D

576204-D ... Yellow White-eye

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